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At Sam Smith we want you to have complete peace of mind when it comes to your holiday. Liasing with a range of well established companies we aim to provide you with the most memorable experience. Let us do all the work while you just sit back and relax before you've even stepped out of your front door.


USA & Canada

Well known as 'The Land Of Dreams' America could well be the land of your dream holiday. From the bustling city of New York, and the festivities of the deep south, to the cowboy ranches of the west this country has so much to offer. 


Florida is well known to be one of the top places in the world to holiday at. You can take your pick from the famous Walt Disney World resort at Orlando, to Miami Beach or the relaxing Florida Keys. 


Famous for it's breathtaking scenery and friendly locals, a holiday to Alaska is not one to miss out on. Not forgetting Canada, home of the brown bears and Niagra Falls - fantastic location to spend your holiday.

Mexico, Latin America & The Caribbean

With the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2016 fast approaching, there has never been a better time to visit Latin Ameria and find out all about their culture and history. From the Aztecs, to the mountains and llamas of Peru, to their annual colourful Rio carnival this is an amazing place for a holiday for you and all of the family.


The same can be said for Mexico with their colourful yearly 'Day of The Dead' celebrations, and spicy flavourful foods. Such a place to explore and discover. Take your family swimming with the dolphins, or to marvel at the grand Chichen Itza.


Or if you prefer a holiday with a little more beach and a little less city, then The Caribbean in the place for you. With white sand beaches, huge shady palm trees and enough fresh fruit to feed an army this is one of the most relaxing places you can retreat to.


From Safaris to white sandy beaches, Africa has so much to offer the discerning traveller. One day you find yourself on a sophisticated tour of the famous Winelands, home to some of the worlds best wines. And the next you could find yourself on a gondala going up to Table Mountain, or sitting on the coast of Hermarnus watching the whales in the bay.


Working alongside our agents in South Africa, we are able to offer you Specialist Holidays,planned by individuals with extensive travel experience in the destinations on offer.


With flights from Cardiff via Amsterdam, or direct flights from London Heathrow, you can be there in no time!

Australia, New Zealand & Indian Ocean

Fancy a trip down under? Here at Sam Smith Travel we're specialists in Australian holidays - making sure that you get the most out of your holiday. Australia has so much to offer from beaches, the outback, the coral reef and plenty of cities to choose from. 


New Zealand is well known for providing some of the worlds best extreme sports, as well as having amazing scenery to trek across with your camera and loved ones. A holiday to New Zealand will leave you wanting more and more.


Instead of envying those people sitting on a white beach drinking cocktails in the sunset, you could be one of them! The Indian Ocean has such an array of different cultural islands and the resorts that we use are of the highest luxury.

India, Asia & Indochina

From Beijing to Delhi you can see so many wonders of the world,such as The Great Wall Of China and the Taj Mahal.


Take a trip to India to explore their busy way of life, witness the colourful Holi Festival and be sure to take a ride on an elephant through the dense Indian jungle.


On a diet? No problem, in China their local delicasy is insects, which you can get at any street market for a reasonable price. Or instead why not try some sushi in Tokyo while you take in the colourful technolgy that surrounds the Japanese city.


For something a bit more relaxing,  you will appreciate the panoramic views of Vietnam and Cambodia as well as the other marvels that Indochina have to offer .


You don't need to step outside of the UK to have a great holiday. Rain or shine our great country has some fantastic places to offer you and the family. From the peak district to the beaches of West Wales, there is always something to offer you a lovely relxing time away from home.


The list is endless when it comes to fantastic European cities to visit, and we're here to help with any request whether it's just for the weekend, or a little longer.


Britian, France and Spain are extremely well known for the high calibre of cottages, gites and casas that they have to offer families who would prefer the privacy that doesn't quite come with a hotel or apartment.


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